Shanghai Xinsu Power Supply Equipment Co., Ltd
Shanghai Yunling Road No. 1000(200062)
Shanghai Zhangjiang High Tech Park of Pudong New Area Cailun Road No. 1860
Warehouse address: No. 1681, Gulang Road, Shanghai
Tel:021-35052209 021-52138669
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      Shanghai Xin Su Power Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1986, the full power of the international well-known trademark "CTD" , located in the beautiful Yangtze River Delta, water and land transportation is very convenient.
      The company mainly produces all kinds of battery and the power battery products and related UPS, DC screen, battery charger and inverter, charge discharge, solar controller etc.) power supply products.
      The company's best-selling products, exported to Europe, America, Australia, Japan, Korea and Southeast Asia market ...
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